Public Agent - Sexy Brunette Needs Place to Crash

  • 03/12/2023

Public Agent – Sexy Brunette Needs Place to Crash – Full Street Sex. I noticed a sensual brunette having difficulty entering the building. I asked him if he needed help. His hotel reservation had been canceled and he wasn’t sure about the evening, he explained (it was too easy). Since I was staying in the same hotel as her, I gave her the opportunity to stay overnight with me. She was initially nervous about sharing the room with a stranger, but quickly changed her mind when I told her that the temperature might drop below freezing that night.She had to take a shower so I invited her to my room. With my camera I managed to film her while she was showering. Her body is incredible! I stepped into the shower and looked at her completely undressed. She was surprised but she couldn’t refuse payment after I gave her four hundred silver coins so she could fuck me.

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