Public Agent - Had sex for money to get back home

  • 22/09/2023

Public Agent – Had sex for money to get back home – Full Street Sex. I saw a lady at the train station and she looked lost so I proposed to help. She let me know she was American and was holiday in Europe, let me know she was lost and didn’t have a lot of cash on her and her objective was excessively far away. I thought that she is extremely gorgeous, I loved her a great deal and as she wanted cash so I offered her 2000 to show me her bosoms. It felt so great that I offered another 2,000 if she could allow me to take her boobs. I gave her the cash however there were no cabs around so I told her for another 4000 that I would return her to her inn… assuming she sucked my chicken stowed away. She acknowledged so we strolled to an underground entry, She sucked my rooster then I let her wet her pussy so my chicken could fit. She was truly appreciating feeling my rooster in her pussy so she kept sucking me between positions. At last, she implored me to come inside her pussy.

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