Czech Streets 99 - Real estate agent Petra

  • 14/09/2023

Czech Streets 99 – Real estate agent Petra – Full Street Sex. Folks, this is a fresh out of the box new story. You will not have the option to make sense of what just befell me while searching for another condo. The realtor hanging tight for me, Petra J., was an astonishing well endowed MILF in a savvy suite. Unfathomable cutie, it nearly made my rooster hurt watching her in that close dress. I was unable to take it for extremely lengthy and offered her 30, 000 CZK in real money, posed no inquiries, twisted her over the table and screwed her hard. She was horny as fuck, try to keep your hat on, she needed it practically more than me. She spurted out of control and hollered like there’s no tomorrow. No big surprise since I screwed her tight ass too. That prostitute merited everything, even the cum shower that arrived all over. Most stunning fuck of all time!!!
For reasons unknown she appeared to be very pissed when we got done and in a real sense removed me from the loft. What on God’s green earth was that? In any case, this very hot mother was worth the effort, she was the best I have screwed up to this point.

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